heartache in a new form, one we werent ready to know.

PK is most famous to me because he introduced me to the love of my life, PH. Patrick and I interned together in DC our junior years in college. He was curious and bright and wiling to ask really great questions during our time. Many many memories flood my mind but a few of my favorite are their pre graduation night at JMU and Patrick's absolutely stunning wedding day and a snowy day in Charlotte where we took the girls to christmas show.

there is nothing that helps me to understand Julie's last blog post, it's not supposed to be this way. nevermind that he is only 34 yrs. old and just a few months ago he was okay but also that it's Christmas and forever the memories for those in his family will be about these long hard days at NIH.

what encourages my heart to no end is seeing the way folks rally around them all over facebook, all over her blog, by signing up for his prayer vigil for 2 days and filling all the slots, by flooding the hospital and wanting to be close to him one last time. my mind isn't all that clear this morning but for those who visited her blog, you may want to read last night's post and update.http://getwellpk.blogspot.com/

PH always says that Patrick was the brother he never had. He lived with him all four years at JMU and after in DC before we got married. They could bicker, compete, laugh and have the deepest conversations, but there bond was really special.