HAO first visit to Pike's Place

My parents left today and it was really good to have them here. Probably gooder (i know that's not a word) that i even think, i know i will miss them much. and for sure Hannah will. Finally having a car did allow us to all adventure out together a bit more which was great. I finally made it Pike's Place Market and my felt SO excited to show Hannah the market of all markets. And because it was our first visit as residents, i felt we must go to the top rated fish n chips shop called Jack's spot.

As a side note if you haven't ever been to Pike's Place market, it is a huge open public market, a block off the water and it sells just about everything from handmade lovelies to all natural meats and veggies to all sorts of fish, etc. and it's huge and fun! anywho, it felt like a must to eat fresh fish, fried, so we sat at on small stools and pulled up to tiny fish bar and ate. i realize i need to gain control over my love for so much food goodness but i am hoping the discovery phase will wain and I'll slow down talking about food. maybe. but i love it.

sharing this city that is 100% new and unknown to me with my parents and sibs felt fun because i really think there is a lot of good to uncover here and that makes me very hopeful. i do feel i am very much in a honeymoon phase and will be for sometime, both of staying at home and of being in a new place. I think it helps that i also know when i'll be back East for annual Oster beach trip and visit to CLT which is the last two weeks in July. I'll send specs when i book the tics so you can ALL make sure to be around.. ha hahah!