i wanna hold your hand...

i absolutely love to walk around holding hands, mostly with Stephen, and a fabulous runner up is when Hannah holds my hand across a street and forgets for a few minutes and keeps holding. i love it.

quite spontaneous tonight, hao asked if she could sleep over with Ba and SuSu for their last night here in the little place they had been staying. I couldn't rob her of this and once i got home and realized it was 70 degrees and sunny in Seattle, all i wanted was to walk the streets and hold Stephen's hand. and maybe find a little place for a glass of wine.

it worked out splendidly and with no schedule to keep we sauntered over to a place called how to cook a wolf that had very high ratings. the front panel or the restaurant front had been lifted so fresh air could come in and we bellied up to the lovely butcher block bar and order one Willamette valley pinot noir and one amber draft and swordfish bruschetta. all off the hook. it was so so very fun.

after the bruschetta app, we came home and created the best little dinner combo ever with toast, goat cheese, yellow tomato, basil, applewood smoked bacon and avocado. i won't be able to get over it for a while it was so doggone good. especially since we dined while continuing to watch Downtown Abbey Season One on Netflix. TOO good to be TRUE. all of it.