emails, turnips, and tantrums, OH MY.

so no one told me how hilarious this stage is. i hope all parents laugh as much as we find ourselves laughing. so, last week i run from a meeting over to our children's library to meet Hannah and Lindsay (new nanny). I, in my suit, am running after Hannah in the library, trying to catch time with her between meetings because it was going to be a very long day and i wouldn't be able to see her that evening. She runs up to the second floor over to the computers and says, "i send quick email", to which Lindsay and I say, "Hannah, what did you just say?", and she says, "I send quick email mom." OMGoodness gracious. My two year old knows the word email. And she also thinks all computers are touch screens, so she ran to touch the screen and send a "quick email", mom, duh. we laugh, and then i just about cry knowing my poor kid has probalby heard the expression far far too often. oh my. 

last night my mom and I took Hannah out to eat at a very Southern style place where you basically get a meat and two sides. everyone once in a while this is the right thing for everybody to do. i wanted fried okra so bad i had to hide my serving so Hannah wouldn't steal it all. What i could have never imagined was that she was actually eyeing my mom's turnips. Which she proceeded to eat and eat and eat. My sweet southern girl loved the turnips. oh my. 

(pic from the summer but recently sent to me, i love the 3 cousins - too cute)

what is a lot less funny is that she appears to be moving into the unknown as far as dealing with her frustration. so far this week she has bitten me, slapped me, and spread out on the floor. no matter the store or the brevity of the visit, she seems to find the keen opportunity to fall out and protest. usually because i am horrible and not letting her do something like pick up all the wine bottles off the shelf or throw round ornaments on the ground like a bouncy ball. i am so strict i tell you. 

oh the joys of being 2. and where on earth are the instructions for us?