Where's my butler?

never. ever. have we ever had such luxury. everything oozed comfort, rest, and peace, and i dressed in it, ate it and breathed it in. we had a butler. seriously. he offered me a pillow menu, a bath salt menu, ironing, etc. etc. we were on the 4th floor of white modern comfort heaven. and listen, the timing was so right for our lives. i literally fell on the plane, i am back on steroids and my body and heart-felt worn. and i loved my butler antonio. i needed him. stephen must have taken a handsome pill too, bc he was the handsomest thing i ever saw. we were called lovebirds on multiple occasions and i felt the joy of that name. last year hasn't been much of a lovebird story. not the way we like to think of it anyway. so it felt just right to be fully silly romantic. I have to tell you about day one. room service wakes me with toast, jam, yogurt, and a latte. the perfect tiny jars of marionberry jam, the smell of coffee. no meeting to be late for, no sweet baby saying mommy, milk and elmo. okay, i'm taking too long. then we went to yoga which was set up between one of the pools and the lagoon, and get this, PH came with me. see, i told you he was handsome. dreamee. then we headed down to lounge, get in and out of the pool that overlooked the ocean, have a mimosa, and read. then eat second breakfast of egg-white omelette with tomato and cheese with a side of bacon and a papaya smoothie. (in full disclosure the papaya sounds adventurous but is not so tasty of a fruit).then we got ready to go down to the spa. my image of the dreamiest spa was outdone - the calming stone, perfect lighting, smell of mint, lavender, ginger, and mint. the pre-spa experience almost put PH over the top. aromatherapy steam room, sauna, cold pool, warm pool, jacuzzi, and foot pool. i laid on the massage table and in my head just kept thinking, "is this happening?"  okay, so you get the idea. from there to naptime, snack, back to pool, shower up, get dressed up for a date, eat atun tataki, miso soup, and sushi and then walk around holding hands with the evening breeze. on top of all that, we spent $51 in five days. it was really all-inclusive, and we couldn't get over that. final image that was one of our favorite touches was that when you came back at night slippers were laid out by each side of bed, a bottle of water beside the bed, and nighttime chocolate. this was a vacation we will never forget, it was renewing and generous.