good list

Things i keep meaning to share, that are actually good, how could i be remiss:

a. With a final stroke of holiday goodness, PH's undesired resignation was extended. again. we now have to march 1st. we are grateful for each and every paycheck and for what may appear to be an authentic hope by his employers that we land somewhere. thank you person.

b. from many many days on punchfork i am led to believe that skinny taste and pioneer woman have to be the best recipes if you are looking for inspiration. it seems particularly perfect for these cold months. my crock pot might explode soon from so much use. If for any reason i have forgotten to mention that the ABSOLUTE best thing i have learned from miss skinny taste is that no one should ever boil chicken again. even writing it gags me i have also disliked this medium for cooking. toss chicken into the crockpot and cover with half chicken broth half water and whatever salt or herbs may work for your recipe. 4 hours later your chicken will fall apart. its magic, moist and then you have shredded chicken for a soup, tacos, chicken salad, WHATEVER and you can even freeze shredded chicken if you need to. who knew?

c. it occurs to me today as i curl up with a blanket and a cup of tea and this computer, (did you really think it was sunny here? active imagination here folks), that i am really extremely blessed for this hour each day. I have two people to thank: 1. Hannah, that she is part Spanish and loves a siesta and 2. PH, that he is so graceful with me and encourages my down time.

d. In approx. 14 days, 343 hours, 20580 minutes, Hannah Beth and Melissa will arrive in Seattle. Hannah said to me, "i won't believe it when i see her here." She pretend talks to her on the phone just about everyday, always ending the calls saying, "i love you Hannah Beth." We are pretty much beside ourselves that they would come to Seattle in the winter.

e. Media distraction made possible by: Parenthood, New Girl, Scandal (im sorry, i confess im hooked), and the Good Wife. And oh me oh my, Les Miserable. LOVED it. Also have recently finished Divergent, Kitchen House, A Good and Perfect Gift, and Rules of Civility. All worth reading.

f. a wood-burning fireplace that has made this a much cozier house each evening. i do need to find a deal on the next cord of wood.

g. I'm a part of a good bible study with women from throughout the community of various ages and backgrounds and churches. its real Bible study and i like that. i have loads to learn and try each Thursday.

h. Every single cloud break where i see snow covered mountains is like a hand delievered gift.

I. My mother-in-law gave me the January Cup from Starbucks which i take up each and everyday to be filled with hot fresh coffee. Thank you Sherry, i love it.

sheesh, i got carried away, go figure.