new arrivals

There are a few times of day when i get this feeling that i have arrived.

#1. First cup of coffee.  Ideally with journal/Bible in hand in the early hour of the day 

#2. Second cup of coffee at work that indicates I made it through the morning swirl, the mile walk and the bus ride to Belltown, up a few flights of stairs to my quiet office

#3. Sofa at the end of the day with wine or tea, a book or a fav show, ahhhh. 

Luckily, for those of you who read the list and worry that all my arrivals include times when no one else is involved, and a caffeine or wine bevvie is involved, know that I am expanding my arrival times.   And this is the point. 

I am expanding them to include driving the long way to the grocery store for the last item we forgot so i can get as many views of the mountain sunset as possible. Or to the extra 4 mins I spend laying beside Hannah at the end of the day now, that include no words or sounds but a shared time of together rest. Arrivals include that our family of three competes at wii bowling and UNO. Or at the end of the day when no one has anything left to give and we click on The Tonight Show and hear PH and I's shared laughter.  The way i felt with old friends indicate arrival, that once a table was set, faces alone communicated passage and trial and faith and endurance.   

There are moments in the days where i am finding peace on my own and celebrating accomplishment and the end of duties.  And there are also moments when i am so completely aware of life in the middle of life mayhem.  Like speed walking down a steep hill to make a meeting and seeing a young person with their body crouched inside the door entrance with ripped pants, old shoes and indication that they haven't showered for days. Or reading the news of riots and mental illness, i cannot fix or drown or fear, but i also cannot pretend I didn't read or see it. I have arrived in new places because I have asked God for eyes to see even in the rush. I have asked God to bring me to the present moments not to survive them but to live into them right then and there. What once was an errand is now an extra chance to stare at the splendor of mountains. What once was an inconvenient reality of the news is now a chance to engage my heart and those around me to ask more questions about what we believe and cherish. 

So where do you arrive throughout your days?