Toast to dad & ph

Lovely, Admirable and Praiseworthy things have whizzed by in the last two weeks without their fair shake of recognition.  This praise session will be divided into two posts because its slam packed with goodness.  It is hard to expand the heart in joy without giving time and space to gratitude, so today, I will. For the sake of my troop I must.  

First, was Father's Day and our 12th Anniversary all looped into one special June 16 day. Where to begin with the gratitude here... Well, I adore my dad. The last year has been no exception to the way he has deeply, sacrificing and faithfully supported and cared for my family and me. My father's heart still breaks everytime mine does and I am blessed with decades of verses, prayers and encouragement during trial from my dad. I feel so deeply loved by him and admire and enjoy who he is so very much.  This year has been fill with some wonderful Johnny, Ba, dad times on his visits in and out of the West Coast. My favorite memories are probably the runs around Greenlake together and watching him crack my daughter up with his silly antics that look awfully familiar from 30 years ago... It was such a joy to actually be together on this Father's Day, and even better to take our first Amtrack Cascades train trip together from Vancouver to Seattle.


I am giddy thinking about Stephen right now. My stomach literally flutters and I find myself touching up my appearance before he comes home because I have this renewed crush. And this in a year where I really wasn't sure we could make it. My man is resilient as all get out, intent in his faith and pursuit of His God, full of grace, confident, strong, and fun. As a father he is pretty stern, easily impressed and joy-filled with his girl's accomplishments, her main imagination station, and thoughtful.  There hasn't been a year before where I wanted to celebrate him more. I wish he could know all he has meant to us in the last year. How he has still managed to ride bikes, make jokes, and draw intricate stories after hellish days amazes me. How he has woken up at 6am day in and day out for 10 months to find strength, Truth, and wisdom amidst a world that would say this faith gig isn't working out so good inspires me. How he finds it in him to see me, encourage me, and know me admist all the rattling in his own head. I just can't believe it. I am overwhelmed with renewed gratitude and respect for him.  happy 12 my love.