thank you baby girl

I'm cutting up raw chicken (gag me) to make kebab and Hannah walks in the room and says" i wove yur". my heart skips a beat, my task completely unimportant all the sudden and i stare at her sweet face with soaking wet curls surrounding it and pj feet and say, "I love you too". more than she will ever know. this was a first. she has repeated that she loves me when i have said it first but she has never walked in a room and announced this, and well i haven't felt joy in that way before. mostly because a mom working outside the home will never stop wandering if they have expressed enough of how much they treasure their children, did i make it home enough this week, did i slow down enough to see you this week? so this announcement gives me rest for the day...she knows. ahh. its been a good week actually, i feel like i have really seized the day when possible. at an open seating luncheon on campus, i decided to be brave and walk up to a table that had an top executive of Bank of America, Charlotte's first African-American Mayor and a fabulous architect, a successful nonprofit woman who i always admire her passion and dedication, and the former Chancellor of UNC Charlotte.  and i just plopped down and engaged the folks around me and it ended up being the most delightful luncheon. I felt confident at work for the first time in a while and i looked beyond my insecurity of my case of adult onset ance on my chin (thank you steroids), and just tried to relate to these folks. everytime i remember that they are just people too, with their own insecurities, their own children, their own grandchildren (some), their own hopes and missteps, it is a lot easier to engage. we are all just trying to make it work whether you tied your bra straps together with a rubber band and threw off your flip-flops or whether you spent the weekend finding the right heels for this luncheon and have always been a first lady but always felt second class. we are people with great stories and those are the days I love to work. granted i always slide in all the factoids I need to about the University, but I know that will never be effective if i don't look them in the eye and try to relate on other things as well. so this week work was fun. and today, i'm closing it out knowing hannah knows the treasure she is to me, and maybe, quirks, absence, acne, and all she even loves me back. it's too good to be true.