rolls, wrinkles, and responsibility

for my birthday i wished for crest white strips and anti-wrinkle (basically dark eye bag remover) cream and money for a plane trip. seriously. that bad. (meant to misspell). it's just I feel this past year of my life was the year of rolls, wrinkles and responsiblity. i guess i should feel lucky that i had 30 years without these things, is that the right way to look at it?and listen, i know some of you are saying, that's ridiculous, you should see.... or just wait... But let me tell you, we all have our own special time when we look in the mirror and we realize something has changed. like youth. my eyes are dark, my chest is like flapjacks, the gray hairs are tripling...daily, my stomach has shrunk and expanded more times than i care to imagine, and i have never ever known the weight and seriousness of responsiblity as i have learned this year. in work, at home, for my body, for my marriage, for my church, for my daughter, for my small group, for my family... all things i am blessed to have; i have a acute awareness of the accountability around these things, my responsiblity. i did manage to make my birthday last a week which is fantastic. it started with cottage cheese pancakes on the You are Special plate at the Osters last Monday and will end tomorrow with a pampering afternoon of brunch and pedicures. the mimosas are already calling my name. and of course, everyday in between "the birthday fairy" a.k.a, my mom, managed to do her normal celebrate to the max style by having a "little" treat for me each day. thanks mom and dad. stephen even surprised me with a totally unpractical and frivolous gift and a very special birthday card with encouragement for my next year. so rolls, wrinkles, responsiblity aside, I hope. i hope big for this year. i hope for a refreshed spirit to not be knocked out by circumstance and responsiblity but to be assured of relationship and of my God. I hope to live bolder, more rested, and more thoughtful. i hope 32 is different, better, full. thank you dear friends and family for celebrating me this week! i love birthdays!