1.23 really? & A GIRL!!!! my week.

two quick things to basically cover my week: 1: at a meeting the other day, we had to sign and date a document. i was sitting at a table with a senior vp of a local bank. it was one of the many days where i am rallying at every corner so what happens on my way to the meeting and the night before and what will follow the meeting brings me stress to even think of, but i get there and i pretend life is good, i am on top of it, i can rally. so after trying to purposely ignore dating the document b/c i literally couldn't begin to think of what day we were on, i looked up and he said 2   3, so i dated the document 1.23.10 and said thanks!  Three hours later as i was driving home, it hit me. he meant 2.3.10. i didn't even get the month right. wow. wow. something has to give. special. 2: and WAAAAY more importantly. ITS A GIRL!!!! Amy and Aaron are having a baby girl at the end of June. A GIRL. Hannah's cousin, my niece. I ABSOLUTELY cannot wait. i am going to gather and reclean everyone of my favorite outfits that Hannah wore. also, at 20 weeks, everything looked wonderful for my baby niece, they even mentioned she appears to have long legs (hee hee, wonder where she got that?) thank you, thank you God, i cannot wait to meet her!!!!