dreams of days like these

how can i hold onto this day? the tee tiny minutes of perfection in this day. i have long dreamed of days like today, with my daughter, and it is too good to be real. please repeat tomorrow.  sometimes when she sleeps i miss her. its ridiculous b/c we have plenty of bonding through the night. she woke up sweet. and instead of being B.E.B.T (bright-eyed and bushy-tailed) as she usually is around the 6am feeding, she wanted to cuddle and sleep some more. i let her, right there in our bed. the three of us slept in on this cold Friday morning. then inspired by the extra rest, we got up and headed for starbucks (nevermind that once i was in the bathroom at sbx, i realized that it might have been helpful to brush my hair and remove the nighttime breast pads before heading into public). their new oatmeal plus my fav latte plus the paper plus the fire = happy momma.  fast forward pass the chaos upon returning home to contractors, crazy dog, water spill, explosive diaper, crying baby bc way past time to eat and all the pieces delievered for bathroom except the sink which was the one the countertop guy was waiting for to measure.  day is overcast and cold which i love and i turn on cold day music and get ready for a lunch with a friend and her little girl at the house. enjoy fellowship and talk about discovering this mom thing. then after feeding presh which i am so thankful to get to do, we lay down on the sofa face to face and fall dead asleep AGAIN). at one point her hand flailed and hit me in the nose and i loved it and hoped her little fingers would just stay there. her pouty face breaks my heart, her curious eyes make me grin, her furrowed eyebrows make me laugh, the way her whole body falls onto mine and relaxes melts me, i want to hug her tiny self forever. and that's when i realize, these days, as sweet and dreamy as they are, won't last forever so i MUST SOAK them in with all the sleepless mominess i can. she is the most amazing gift i have ever been given and i somehow have to treasure this day and still be hopeful and excited about tomorrow when she is bigger and has more expressions and changes on me again.