Look back, Hope foward

Look back, Hope foward
half way through another decade, check. seemingly less figured out than any decade before, check. trying not to let the bastards get me down even still, check.

i am relatively famous for dropping all the cheesy questions on special occasions, most notably birthdays. "what do you love about this person, what was the best moment from the last year, what do you hope in the next year," etc, etc. since most people don't find as much ease at setting up potentially awkward conversations, its fair to say that it is more common to pass a significant mark by without much ado. UNless your me. or my mom. or my sister. or a wilson period. or maybe even a rowe or bokowy or peter, its in the blood line, you see.

we ask even in times when it feels the answers may feel better tucked into the deepest parts of our forgotten memory. i think this is because we aren't as afraid of what's now as we are afraid of not hoping for whats to come or processing the past. pastors and counselors, i tell ya.

So, since you all weren't here to ask me and i am desperate to think today, i'll do my own questionnaire as i kick off my 35th year of life. (for starters i can't believe my parent's baby is 35.)

Best tastes of 34?

La Reve Bakery

French Red Wine

A La Mode's Carmel Pecan Chocolate Tort

fresh fruit from the tree

Best book of 34?

Half the Sky

Zoneworthy Flicks or Tube of 34?

I seriously loved James Bond's Skyfall & Les Miserables

Parenthood (dramahood, sobathon, whatever you want to call it, its good)

Good tunes of 34?

Beautiful Things - Gungor

Oh How I Need You - Sons and Daughters

Black Keys - best running album- El Camino

Be My Thrill song - Weepies

Dog days are over - Florence and the Machine

Positively stuck in my memory of 34?

Divine intervention on behalf of my marriage to relaunch us more gracious and more truthful.

My first run in Queen Anne in Seattle with all the overlooks of my new city and the flood of curiosity and excitement i felt with the new adventure that day

Being named as the best part of Hannah's day (once) during dinnertime 5 questions (TY Porters for idea!)

Learning and worship surrounded by the Ruthies at retreat on my final CLT weekend

Biggest Challenge of 34?(how to pick one.....)

Leaving a career

Leaving a full community

100 hours of dollhouse play a week

Thwarted plans, Remapping employment

Potty training and visiting every public bathroom in the world

Thing i like about myself?

that i like myself. at all. 

30's seem more honest and comfortable in my very own skin and shape and mind.

willingness to try new things. i've cooked, created, loved, listened, explored in more new ways this year than i have for a long, long time.

Where do i want to go travel next year?

Cool towns in part of Washington Vineyards & Coast

California beach

Dream - South Africa or South America

Hope for new year?

a new problem (HA!)

My hope is for the chance to know where Ph and I  can put our God given gifts to good use on His behalf. That our minds would be at rest knowing that the work of our day is exactly what we should be doing.

Some sort of physical fun challenge like a 10K or half marathon or some fun physical accomplishment

a new member for our family

Now my head might explode from trying to remember and hoping forward. Cheers to 35!