desire to share beauty

we tried. we really did, i wanted to like it, i need a new show so badly and I thought for sure since sweet Emily was filming in Charlotte it would be fun for us. We couldn't make it past the 5th introduction because we felt the cheese coming out of the sofa and taking us over. I confess I may still give it another 10 minutes on another night, but wow, somebody, everybody, tell me the draw of the The Bachelorette stuff... i'm missing it. 

i miss my friends. it's a Monday and it was so beautiful i can't even get over it, our PINK tulips bloomed and the views from the top of the hill were crystal clear with mountains surrounding me all day.  I wanted someone to share it all with and to meet me at the park, run with me, and share a fresh cobb salad and a beer at the end of the day. it was just one of those days where i wanted to be known and have a conversation. i love talking to my girlfriends and hearing about local politics, and best new buys, and what they made for dinner the other night, and what happened most recently with one of their kiddos and just fun friend talk like we were together in person the day before.

nonetheless, we absorbed all the beauty offered to us today. We spent time at greenlake where it is now a mission for Hannah to find the perfect little girl to play with who of course she wants me to help her introduce, but today she saw a puffy tool skirt and walked right up to the little girl with a single ponytail right on top of her head and said, "hi, what's your name, i like your skirt. Wanna play with me?" i think it was all in one breath even, and of course with no cues from me.  but  i get to be inches away so i could hear this sweet girl make friends. If only there was so much less pretense with adults that i could have walked up to the ladies outfit i liked and say, "hi, i'm ashley, i like your shirt, can we be friends?...i'm cool,i promise?? just new."

so i came home and spent the afternoon looking at some summer programs that i could start getting us involved and meeting people. i spread the love and signed her up for one camp at the Phinney Neighborhood Center called Birds, Butterflies and Bugs, one swim lesson series that I'll do at the Y or the Greenlake CC, and then i think the girl will go to her first VBS at the church we have been visiting. it sounds awesome, and i'm wondering if i should even volunteer (oh heavens). So maybe we'll get out there a little in the next few months and make ourselves a friend.