tomorrow is a real new day

it's amazing how the sun feels on your face when you are least expecting to see it. we have been totally spoiled. its like a welcoming that although the temperature is about 30 degrees colder than NC, the sun is wrapping itself around us and it is great.

finally tonight at dinner at via tribunale it really hit me that Stephen will get up tomorrow morning and do the routine i have been doing for the last 12 years and I won't. i will start a new routine. that i am a wee bit scared of and have no idea what it will look like but tomorrow we start anew. I think it is safe to say Hannah and Stephen are pumped. I'm a work in progress, not because i am not looking forward to it, but more because it feels so unknown. it feels a bit as hard as figuring out how to be a director of a program to figure out how to be the director of a mini-me's life and our home.

we were all over town today looking for a place to live and went to multiple showings with a similar experience of people waiting in the cars for the open house to begin. the last one we saw, we really liked and we were finally one of the first to apply and MAY have a chance. it's in greenlake and its a little bungalow that even with an imperfect layout we could see ourselves there and it had many of the things we hoped for in a house. the vaughans have been great support through all the mass searching and neighborhood investigations. i truly have peace that right place will be there for us, i just lack the patience for it! (shocker)

really missed my small group tonight and am so thankful for all the texts and emails this week. goodnight week one.