Shiny Day, Happy People

when the sun shines i'm not sure i've ever seen a city so pretty. snow-capped mountains, tall tall buildings, boats and water everywhere, and some shiny happy people. no really, one of the things i was most worried about when moving back out to the NW was just the basic "hey's" on the street or eye contact or the like. and i have found people here in Seatle (not sure the term yet - like charlotteans) are nice. yea! and i realize sometime soon i need to quit taking and posting the cheesy tourist photos but i just can't explain how beautiful it seems at the moment. 

the coordination (read stress) that comes along with family gatherings is always something that seems to surprise me. it just takes so much to get everyone in the same place an the same time with the same desires and needs met. and Lord knows if you are Wilson you try to make sure all the needs are met. today, i had three priorities for my dear family visitors - see the new house and help me rally and vision, eat donuts or pastries (i've taken 7 days off), and to take the loop walk around Queen Anne that i LOVE. whew, we accomplished those things and even got to go on a date with very prego Amy and Aaron in Ballard. Sadie and Hannah have been having a ball together. how is it that cousins totally love each other at this age without knowing one another at all?  its so dang cute. 

the final update for the day is that our dear Olivia, as Hannah has named her, our Honda Pilot, has FINALLY arrived. the sweet thing left Charlotte on April 6th and was delivered a week late today. Oddly enough, we survived mostly just fine, Hannah and I walked for all our needs last week. It was mostly aggravating because I really began to wonder if our car had been stolen. the process was a bit maddening, but it was CRAZY how smelling the inside and finding a few treasured travel coffee mugs and water bottles seemed so familiar and made me HAPPY.