Showing up

I promise to start showing up first and foremost for myself. Because if I am not in my own corner than it is tough to stand on the front lines for anyone else. My whole health propels the health of this home and those I cross paths with everyday. I do not say that with pride, I actually say it with ache because I've seen the days of unhealth and it seems no one comes out unscathed. 
Part of health for me is writing, the way the keys invite me to myself and all that is jumbled in my head. The stuff that keeps my mind running since 4am in the morning. Thoughts that make me smile and thoughts that bring pain to my chest. They cannot stay only in this frame they must find their way out. 

Today marks the first day of Lent and I am going to practice showing up and not allowing myself to get lost in my current wilderness. I want to hear the voice of God calling me in this season and I want respond. 

My story well for the next 40 days includes growing up with information, hearing women, seeing children, staying in love, being needy, type 8, creating home, finding life’s work, and grief. These stories have faces and moments that are being held and I want to give them language so that I can understand more. For anyone who joins me, thank you. Witness to life is precious. And I’ll always take your thoughts, your cheers, your tears, your disagreements, I am as open as I’ve ever been and you are invited.