Prepare Room

with hardly 30 minutes to spare before the day closes, i couldn't resist marking advent. my mind is actually whirling at how to enter this season. and tonight as i was reading, words hollered at me that the essence of this season which i have typically heard but not understood is this idea of preparing room.

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room.

Joy to the World , the Lord is come!
Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And Heaven and nature sing,
And Heaven and nature sing,
And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing.

So much goodness in this stanza and the rest, i cannot even dissect them all right now. Oddly enough before tonight, i chose our mantle letters to read JOY TO THE WORLD (which means i did a craft which we can get into at a later date, if i finish...). But for today, think with me about making room. For anyone who has had the privilege of expecting a child or joined with others in doing so, and remembers getting a room ready for them. With the perfect paint, perfect crib and bedding, clothes, and toys, you may recall the desire to make space, a beautiful space for this new life.

and tonight i am wondering what it looks like for us each year to begin advent and to MAKE ROOM for Jesus. to set aside anything, or to actually find a chair and a throw (and coffee in my view) and a journal or a bible and MAKE room this season anew. To hear from God in a familiar way or a completely new one, to ask questions of your faith and Jesus that you may be curious or reassured, but to actually carve out, set aside, prepare, set up, and offer space in advent. make room to meet Jesus. this year. now.

Let me assure you that i desire nothing less than a full schedule. I am literally in pain this year not to be hosting a party (i still envision a miracle being pulled off in this regard) because i love to celebrate and host and be amongst the best company and tastes during this season. I love the Joy and singing that this year I could barely make it past Thanksgiving to begin the Christmas albums, i unabashedly LOVE this season. And I am not so sure I enter it thinking about how to prepare room between holiday open houses and cocktail parties, secret santas and Handel's Messiah, glittery lights and redecorating a house, and SHOPPING to make more room to really consider Jesus in my life. why does His Birth and life matter to me?

Ask away my friends, prepare room in your lives, and CHEERS from a far to the beginning of Advent. Please do share back about what you learn this season.