chop therapy

the space in between provides loads of time in your head. one of my escapes has been cooking. i miss cooking with PH, but I love the idea of a skill that always has room for improvement. I also love to set Pandora to Patty Griffin or Indie-Singer Songwriter station and start chopping. it's therapy.

for the record and all those who know my physco-ness know this, but i cook pretty dern healthy. if you make me something tasty with butter and sugar, don't get me wrong, i'll eat it, but i can't put it in myself because im crazy. i envy Julie and Julia.

So here are some recent favorites from the last few weeks I can't help but share because they were healthy and delish and you must make your mouths happy.  and nothing takes too long, promise, that's not my flavor either. Wish i could have you all over to eat with me.

Zucchini Lasagna- (yall know i love skinnytaste)

Beef & Broccolini - I used Flank Steak and brocollini and quinoa instead of rice and served a side of oranges.  i want it now thinking about it.

Blackened Green Bean and Quinoa-  ** Sidenote here - I made this with what i had, so i didn't have fresh tomatoes but I did have sun dried tomatoes and I am a meat eating girl, so i grilled Trader Joe's Pesto Chicken/Turkey Sausage cooked and sliced at the end and a grilled yellow pepper and it was GOOD people.

Orange Fennel Rockfish -i followed the recipe here and will eat it all summer.

Coconut Banana Oat Muffins - crud. i can't find the recipe, shoot. i used coconut flour and applesauce and eggs and oats and bananas and baking soda and vanilla and cinnamon... dern. next time.

Salud, Eat up, enjoy taste. My favorite part of all is when Hannah walks around the house saying - KEEN_WAH almost like a karate move.  Come see me and let me practice (i do fail) new recipes for you.